Life with essential oils promises to be amazing, healthy and natural. The key words for every mother or young adult out there trying to make their lives as naturally fulfilling as possible.

The first step in this journey is deciding which brand to follow. There are many out there but I have definitely settled on doTERRA. If you would like to get started and hear more about this amazing brand.

Next is purchasing a few items to make using your oils a breeze. With the right oils and the right tools using essential oils becomes an essential part of your life.

As I am new to this journey I am still uncovering all the necessities. So far I have needed:

  • Roller Balls
  • Vinyl Labels
  • Sample Bottles
  • Blank Cap stickers
  • Travel and storage cases

Now you will need to figure out what works for you. Everyone needs an oil for something different and will need to  be used at different times. With doTERRA purchasing oils is a breeze and arrive with little time to wait.

Essential oils really are amazing and they have changed my life. They have aided me during a tooth infection, bruises and tension headaches. All within one month of buying my first enrollment kit.

Get enrolled, get oiled and let us take this amazing journey together.